Bases Covered, Lunch Ticket
Bodies #2, Literary Orphans
Bodies #3, Cobalt
Splinter, Limestone Journal
Shrimp in the Pocket, Buried Letter Press
The Trenches, Dirty Chai

Bipartisan Love, Paragraph Planet
Conference Room Problems, Dogzplot
Needlepoint Man, Word Riot

Things Fall Apart, Thought Catalog
Susan, District
         -Nominated for Best of the Net
Marianna, What The Fiction Literary Journal
Inventing the Wheel, Crack the Spine
         -Nominated for the StorySouth Million Writers Award
The Last Sleepover, The Avalon Literary Review
A Ouija Board, A Divining Rod, Bartleby Snopes
Ex-Boyfriends of the World: Get Out of My Internet, Thought Catalog
My Most Days: Misunderstanding Operators
, Skyline Review

Small Movements, Gloom Cupboard
         -Nominated for Pushcart Prize
Brenda, Pop Serial
Tao, The Journal of Truth and Consequence
The Writer of Backlist Catalog Copy, Monkey Bicycle
Small Movements, Catch Magazine
Charismagnetic, Catch Magazine
Charismagnetic, The Legendary